A new generation of concrete pavers is born

It all started in 1974 when François Casters set up the company Drion Road Building, which specialized in concrete road building. The first machine the company bought was an American CMI 100 which had to be completely re-adapted for use in Belgium.

Soon Drion Road Building decided to build its own machine. The first machine had a paving width of 6meters and was equipped with an automatic control originating from the aviation industry. In 1978 a second machine was built for own use but this time it contained a variable frame. This was the first variable slipform paver in Belgium.In 1980 the first completely variable machine was born, the DRION 2500.

François Casters quickly discovered a market for this variable machine with its enormous advantages. In the meantime Drion Road Building already used 4 of its own machines with a yearly capacity of 300,000 m³.

In 1982 Drion Construction was founded,engaging in production, salesand after-sale services of Drion Road Building machines. Patents were obtained for this variable machine and for further improvements and options which Drion Road Building would develop in the course of time such as the Super Smoother, DBI, spreader plough, tandem, mould etc.

In 1984 Drion sold its first machine which was a huge success. In that same year 4 variable machines with a paving width of 7.5 meterswere sold. This machine was called the DRION 3750.

In 1988 the first machine with a paving width of 5 meters was developed by Drion, the precursor of the recent CCF 500-4.

CCF 500-4

In 1993 François Casters decided to sell his shares to Drion Road Building so that he could dedicate himself to the development of variable machines. In 1999 CMI company bought Drion Construction and in 2001 CMI was taken over by Group Terex. From this time onwards Drion-CMI machines were built and sold under the name Terex Roadbuilding Belgium.

This group then set up a business in the USA and CCF was soon asked to develop a concrete paver with the mould placed at the back, the CCF 400–2. This machine works on 2 crawler tracks and the mould is suspended at the back so that only minimal space is used toboth the left and on the right sides. The meticulous finishing of the paved concrete was obtained because sensors were placed on the machine itself as well as the mould.

CCF 400–2

Due to the high demand of CCF machines his François Casters’ son Frank finally takes the initiative to become self-employed and sets up the company CD-Consult in order to execute the maintenance and repairs of these machines. Trainings are also organized with regard to the functioning of these machines.

Sometime later there was a request to build a machine on 4 crawler tracks with a paving width of 2.5 metres and a transport width of 2.5 metres. Again father Casters came up with a concept, namely the CCF 250 – 4.

CCF 250–4

Together the three brands Drion, Terex and CCF boast about a hundred machines which are all in good working order. Frank is also partly responsible for the sales and he has extended the work area to North Africa.

 The most recent development is the CCF 200–3. This machine meets the high demand of contractors for the development of a compact multifunctional machine (paving width of 2.5 m). Itis equipped with three conveyor belts and a low center of gravity for an improved stability. The machine is totally symmetric and works on both left and right sides. The maximum concrete paving width is 2 m and this machine is able to pave all widths ranging from 15 cm up to 2 m.

Furthermore CD-Consult focusesits attention on wider machines. This is why the Drion 3750 will get a facelift and be called the CCF 750–4. Other paving widths, such as the variable machines of 8m,
9 m and 10 m are being built again. And the texturing machines also undergo new developments and there forethey will be included in our range.

Today CD Consult also sells and repairs Wyco vibrating needles. For this reason we work together with Wyco Tool Company, which has a warehouse in England so that we can help our customers at short notice. 

Please visit our website where you can find information about machines and spare parts. In case you have any queries whatsoever, you need more information or you would like a quote, you can contact us at all times on our contact page.We would be more than happy to assist you.

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